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Craig C. aka CraigNeck, is a Civil War enthusiast, history buff, avid reader, all around country life mindset who rides horses and Harleys.  A very devoted husband and father, and ride or die best friend who may not agree with your perspective but is willing to listen.   From Craig's mind to your eyes... let's see what he has to say.

What's going on in the world, our country, our sleepy little town, our home state of Louisiana.

Ponchatoula LA 70454 USA ('MERICA!!)

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A collaborative effort of opinions, ideals and discussions about life, politics, Louisiana living, history, current events, sports, movies and television programs, fishing/boating and lots of other things.

brought to you by co-conspirators & friends Craig C. and Jewel M.

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Saints football, fishing, boating, bikes, festivals, live music, drunken debauchery and good old fashioned shenanigans.​

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All Things SoA

Sons of Anarchy is easily our favorite program topic of conversation.  Much to the annoyance of Craig's very tolerant  (& beautiful) wifey, even though this program is off air, we spend  A LOT of time picking this program apart.

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It's a Crewel World.

Direct from Jewel M.
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Jewel M. aka Kewel Jewel, is a proud Irishwoman, a keen and quick-witted conversationalist. A great wingwoman and friend, she has a distinctive and intelligent way with words, willing to engage in any subject in an open and respectful way. Open a conversation with her, debate with her, and see if you can say "I got this".